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Rosario Islands
Cartagena, Colombia

Considered a marvel of nature, the Rosario Islands are a beautiful place to visit when you come to Cartagena. The natural landscapes, the crystal clear waters and the coral formations show a unique ecosystem in the world.

Visiting the Islands is highly recommended to all our visitors. There are several places to choose from with prices near $50 USD for a day pass including transportation and lunch. The trip in a go fast boat takes about 45 minutes departing from La Bodeguita pier in Historic Center, previous reservations are recommended. If the budget and time permits, please stay at least one night in the Islands, enjoying a beautiful sunset with good company and your favorite drink is priceless. Please click here to see hotels in the Islands.

The food there is exquisite; you can have a typical dish of fresh fried fish accompanied with coconut rice, plantains and fresh salad. You may also find other delicacies like fresh lobster, crab, and octopus.

While in the Islands you can visit the Oceanary to see all kinds of sea life in their natural environment including sharks, giant sea turtles, cods, and a unique dolphin show.

The coral reefs host a great variety of sea fauna and flora, with abundance of colorful fish, corals and plants. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are ideal activities in the Islands, click here to see Dive schools.

The Islands have a special government protection regulation as a natural park. Both public and private islands pay rent to the government, there is no private property in the Islands.

The archipelago ISLAS DEL ROSARIO is comprised of 30 islands that are within the municipality of Cartagena. The Natural Park Corales Islas del Rosario has an area of 4633 sq. miles of water and ocean floor.

Please come and visit the Islands, enjoy them, nurture them, do not litter, you will live an unforgettable experience.

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